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It seems that Berlin’s Festsaal Kreuzberg and Mark Twain have something in common – in both cases the reports of their deaths were greatly exaggerated:-) Although as far as Festsaal goes we should be talking about something close to resurrection.

Some great news have been passed onto us on this balmy Friday evening in July: the venue in Skalitzer Strasse, which burnt down last week leaving a nasty hole in Kreuzberg’s concert and show landscape (see the previous post, please) , will be re-built. A group of dedicated fans and supporters as well as the club’s employees have established a society – a Förderverein – whose aim it is to bring the venue back to life again.

Soon a charity event will be taking place (the date is yet to be announced) – the biggest of this kind in Germany and it is very much likely that Festsaal Kreuzberg will be back where it belongs.

What did I tell you? Panta rhei. And in Kreuzberg the more so:-)

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