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The passage leading to Zickenhöfe

The passage leading to Zickenhöfe

In the Hinterhof (one of the sometimes multiple courtyards behind the front house) of Zickenhöfe in Boppstrasse 7 in Kreuzberg 61 the first charity non-profit department store in Berlin opens its door for the first clients.

At 700 square metres the 13 staff – all of whom are over 50 and former long-term unemployed – offer a plethora of goods to the not-so-well-heeled residents of the Kiez. From furniture and toys, through clothes, wooden articles and ceramics to food (organic!) the shop sells everything that any respectable department store would.

The difference between this place and other similar establishments, though, is pretty obvious: nowhere else can sozial Schwachen (literally “socially weak” – “socially underprivileged”) purchase necessary, however, often pricey things such as furniture or toys at such user-friendly prices. All goods offered as part of this programme are marked with a little round green sticker.

stattMarkt, which in itself is a nice pun with statt (instead of) sounding the same as Stadt (“city”) or Staat (“the State”), sells products from local manufacturers from Berlin and Brandenburg. All of them with an “environmentally-friendly” seal.

Today, in June 2013 the idea that began with the department store expanded further and several non-profit and environmental organisations are active in the house. Also, you can still donate, for instance, your no longer needed pieces of furniture to them after making an arrangement in person or by phone at (030) 694 04 74 or per fax: (030) 694 04 75. StattMarket is open from Monday till Friday from 8.30am until 5.00pm.

Any other things you can do without or simply do not need any more? Go to the charity page of infos-für-alle and see who needs and takes what and at what conditions. It´s a win-win situation per excellence: someone gets your old stuff and you get a. free space and b. that nice fuzzy feeling in the middle of your chest. What a bargain!

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