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Official image for Berlin Fotofestival´2013 ©Frédéric Lemalet

Official image for Berlin Fotofestival´2013 ©Frédéric Lemalet

Only six days to go and Berlin-Kreuzberg will be hosting another great international event: Berlin Fotofestival´2013.

A mix of exhibitions, lectures, panels and workshops for and by some of the best photographers in the world begins on Thursday, June 13th and will continue until July, 13th at several locations.

The main station called STATION BERLIN is located in Luckenwalderstrasse at the historic mail railway station at Gleisdreieck. Here you can join the groups of like-minded people seeking inspiration and advice from the well-weathered photographers such as Christopher Morris. The former war reporter and White House photographer will be running a three-day-long workshop called “Learning to See” (photo editors are welcome, too).

At the same time some of Morris´ own works are going to be on display: next to the high fashion images, he will present the photo series entitled “Time in Turkey” including pictures of the Turkish president Abdullah Gül.

Also at STATION BERLIN two Dutch artists are going to present two projects with the former Soviet Union as their background. In the case of the series “101 Billionaires”, made by a Social and Legal Services Studies graduate Rob Hornstra alone, it is about the social gap or rather gorge in Russia today: a place where 101 billionaires live door to door with millions of those impoverished and helpless victims of the political system collapse.

From the series "101 Billionaires" by Rob Hornstra

From the series “101 Billionaires” by Rob Hornstra

The other project or Hornstra´s prepared together with a writer and film-maker Arnold van Bruggen and called “Sochi Project” is a product of over 5 years of observation of a place in Russian Krasnodar Krai on the shores of the Black Sea – a place about to host the Winter Olympics 2014. This quite surprising and unlikely choice of a location for such an event – the median temperature in Sochi in winter is +11°C (!) and its almost immediate neighbours are politically quite volatile countries of Georgia/Abkhazia – raised both artists´ interest and made them collect the necessary funds through the so called “crowdfunding” to avoid getting involved with the mainstream media. Crowd financing is their guarantee of being able to follow what they describe as “slow journalism”. And their pictures are worth every single cent that has been donated.

The BROWSE GALLERY in Marheinekehalle at Marheinekeplatz (corner Bergmannstrasse and Zossener Strasse) is going to present the works of the winners of this year´s edition of BERLIN CALLING Mobile Photo Award. Among them are 20 images by Michael Schulz, the author of sometimes truly astounding pictures of Berlin made with an IPhone for his BERLINSTAGRAM page. The other artist whose works will be shown at the BROWSE is chief international photo editor of Doctors without Borders Bruno de Cock.

Apart from the photographers and locations mentioned above Kreuzberg has another treasure hidden in its June goodie-bag: Willy-Brandt-Haus on the corner of Wilhelm- and Stresemannstrasse will be hosting World Press Photo Exhibition which opens already on June 12th. Between Tuesday and Saturday 12.00AM – 6.00PM you can see the best pictures of the last year. Among them is the well-deserved and deeply moving winner: “Gaza Burial” by Paul Hansen.

For details and updates of the news about the festival visit their official page here or their Facebook page here.


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