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Punks in Oranienstrasse (photo: seven_resist through blogrebellen blog)

Punks in Oranienstrasse (photo: seven_resist through blogrebellen blog)

Punk Not Dead! And the least in Kreuzberg over the next couple of days.

Between May 9th and May 12th the Moviemento Cinema in Kottbusser Damm 22 (corner Hohestaufenplatz aka Zickenplatz) – the oldest still working cinema in Berlin and, according to some sources, in Germany – will present the 3rd edition of the Punk Film Festival.

Along feature or mixed genre films such as Lars Jessens Dorfpunks (2009), a story of the arrival of punk at a small village in 1984 Schleswig-Holstein or This Ain´t California with the director Marten Persiel presenting the – yes, it is not a spelling mistake – skater subculture in East Germany, the festival guests can count on seeing some good documentaries as well.

Already the first day sounds almost too attractive to miss. After the first screening at 6.30PM with All Grown Up – The Movie, a film about punk as a lifestyle choice accompanying people throughout their whole life, and Banker, Punker, Polizei – Ein Kriminalreport (despite what the title suggests in English), you will have an opportunity to watch The Punk Syndrome: a documentary about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Pertti Kurikan´s Name´s Day) a Finnish punk rock band whose members are all middle-aged mentally handicapped men. Who rock!

Yangon Calling by two Berlin based film-makers: Alexander Dluzak and Carsten Piefke, is a foray into something whose very existence might appear rather unlikely at first – Burmese punk scene. Their bovver boots ain´t fake.

For the price of € 7.00 per screening – or € 6.00 if you arrive sporting the Punkfilmfest T-Shirt (you can get those at the cinema or online) – you will be treated to 16 feature films and plenty of documentaries and short films. On top of that, to let tradition be tradition indeed, beer provided by Brewbaker will be sold at € 1.00 a bottle. There are no limits as to the number of bottles you can enjoy – getting a ticket for a film will let you partake in the ample stock of the aforementioned beverage as long as you or the stock can.

So get them bovver boots out of the cellar, shine them well, treat yourself to a cockerel haircut, squeeze the belly under that studded leather jacket and go show the world that hipster ain´t a lifestyle – it is nothing but s sort of knickers. It is party time again. Oy!


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