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I have just received a parcel. Brought as always but the extremely surly, sweaty postman who said “hello” to anyone last time somewhere around 1988 and who is fond of letting the front door shut right in front of your face, small kids on your arm and pram or not. Neither does he think it fit to use his own key to the house, preferring to ring your doorbell for as long as it takes you to finally drop whatever it is that you have been doing, storm out of the room and ask through the entryphone “Who is it?!” only to hear the usual panting followed by “Post!” (and no hello). Because he knows you work from home. And no, 9 out 10 times he´s got nothing for you, right?

Back from my hate track: my favourite things. Books. The latest one has just arrived and it makes my heart do the double loop. It is the 1927 edition of Die Luisenstadt. Ein Heimatbuch published by Deutscher Verlag für Jugend und Volk Ges.m.b.H – a book about the former “borough” of Berlin which today is divided between the boroughs of Mitte and Kreuzberg. Not only is the volume packed with invaluable information, having been written long before WW2 and before the almost thorough destruction of this part of Kreuzberg but it also contains plenty of images that were completely unknown to me so far.

It took me almost a year to find it. It will definitely take me much less to read it. To all Kreuzberg and Berlin fans: this is a must!

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