Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Spotted outside the BERLINISCHE GALERIE (Museum of Modern Art) in Alte Jakobstrasse 124-125 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

As part of the currently celebrated Berlin theme year Diversity Destroyed aimed at presenting and commemorating the cultural and academic variety that made this city so colourful and exceptional before Hitler´s rule, the museum is currently showing works of the artists who during the Nazi regime 1933-1938 were either completely banned or severely limited in their freedom to create and share the results with potential audience.

The museum might not be easy to find (say some) but it is definitely WORTH finding.

And remember: get the ticket for the Berlinische Galerie and it will get you a price-reduction at the Jewish Museum next door if you go to see their exhibition on the same day or on any of the two following days. So keep it in your pocket!

Letter-mosaic in front of the gallery (photo by notsmsparker)

Letter-mosaic in front of the gallery (photo by notsmsparker)

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