Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


I am almost done – far behind the schedule but nevertheless. Let us bring the series to the end.


Three very well known Kreuzberg streets are given their proper names:

Mariendorfer Strasse: since December 1, 1936 known as Riemannstrasse where Another Country, one of the best English bookshops in this country if not in Europe (eat this, Shakespeare & Co.!) has its seat,

Fürbringerstrasse: until 2011 the eastern end of the street reached Schleiermacherstrasse and terminated there; however, after the passage through the old cavalry barracks was opened for the pedestrians (and sadly for dog owners but that´s another and rather stinky story), Fürbringerstrasse reached as far as Baerwaldstrasse. They used the old passage formerly available to men and horses only.

Zossener Strasse: nobody who has ever been to Kreuzberg could possibly miss it; not because of its irresistible appeal but because it ends in Bergmannstrasse – a wonderful street but sadly by now also the epicentre of overpriced yet cheap touristy ugliness. Very few people are aware of the fact that Zossener Strasse used to have its own brewery once (actually it had two). At No. 30 and later 31 Belle-Alliance Brauerei of Brothers Merx produced the foamy liquid gold for almost 35 years until WW1 forced it to turn off its taps. More about the street soon.

The original bottle top of Belle-Alliance Brauerei in Zossener Strasse 31

The original bottle top of Belle-Alliance Brauerei in Zossener Strasse 31

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