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Berlin is in the grip of another mid-winter flu epidemics.

Since I have been missing on so many other things – like concerts, Berlinale, parties, pub quizzes and sleep – I decided not to miss another opportunity to share a common experience with my fellow residents and got promptly infected (here I would like to add that I am the last member of our family to have caught the virus, having performed the caring & nursing duties on all the others first).

Being sick means that willy-nilly one must slow down and rest. Since reading doesn´t work if your brain seems to have turned into vanilla pudding and your eyes are testing looking at the surroundings from the chameleon perspective (without asking you for permission first), it is either sleeping or watching films that are left as viable options.

German TV on Saturday evenings – or come to that on any evening – is a horrid thing. It´s either the Cologne Carnival or the Nazis. And I never really liked either.

So I had a look at our dusty DVD collection. It was late in the evening, I slept for half of the day and not being used to sleep any more, had problems with entering the Land of Nod again.

I found Woody Allen´s box my parents gave me for Christmas. And in that box a film I had not seen in years. The Purple Rose of Cairo.

I do not know if any of you are in the grip of the same flu-wave like myself at the moment – I honestly hope not – but if you are or if you are lucky enough to have some time to enjoy a good film, here is what you should see.

I found those clips on YouTube (GEMA doesn´t seem to mind:). Enjoy them!

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