Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


My job at the museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum in Trebbiner Strasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg) might prevent me from writing as often and as much as I would wish to, but it allows me to spend a lot of time studying the different exhibitions. From up close and for free. Call that a perk.

At the Film and Photo Technology Exhibitions I feel like a proverbial pig in the mire. I watch and I learn. And my hunger keeps growing while eating: despite the claims to the contrary, curiosity also can feed on education.

The Film Technology Exhibition inspired my little search through the global servers for historic films and recordings.

Here is the ever favourite among my finds: Danse Serpentine or The Serpentine Dance performed by The Flame Dancer or Papita (Caroline Hipple´s stage names) and filmed by Brothers Lumiere in 1899.

The film was later coloured frame by frame to give it its subtly changing hues.

The gorgeous modern music background was written by Raph Regan.

Enjoy it!


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