Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


On with it – January is almost over:)


Otto Rudolf Salvisberg, architect, dies in a skiing accident (actually, he had a heart attack while skiing) in Arosa in his homeland of Switzerland.

Salvisberg left many traces in Berlin: Neukölln owes to him Geyer-Werke in Harzer Strasse 39, Köpenick the so called Siedlung Elsengrund, Schmagendorf the housing estate complex in Hohenzollerndamm 67-76. To Reinickendorf he gave the Weiße Stadt (here he worked with W. Büning, B. Ahrends and with the garden architect Ludwig Lesser).

Berlin-Zehlendorf owes to him the one and only Onkel Toms Hütte, a housing estate in West Berlin built between 1926 and 1928 (you can read a great article about this part of Berlin written by Natalie Holmes for the English-speaking Berlin web portal Slow Travel Berlin). The latter one he designed together with the world famous Weimar Republic architect Bruno Taut and with Hugo Häring.

Kreuzberg also profited from his talent. In 1913 in Lindenstrasse 38 corner Oranienstrasse 98-98A the Linden-Oranien-Haus also known as Lindenhaus opened its doors for the first time.

The building was the first raw concrete (Sichtbeton) office building and department store in Berlin.

Lindenhaus by Otto Rudolf Salvisberg in Lindenstrasse 38, Berlin-Kreuzberg (photo: Bild Archiv Foto Marburg)

Lindenhaus by Otto Rudolf Salvisberg in Lindenstrasse 38, Berlin-Kreuzberg (photo: Bild Archiv Foto Marburg)

The remains of the house, which most probably thanks to its concrete coat was not destroyed during the air-raids in Luisenstadt (the part of Kreuzberg north of Landwehrkanal almost completely flattened down during the last war), were torn down in 1965.


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