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This being principally “a place-blog” – a blog about the place where I live and where everybody should spend at least some of their lifetime – an awful lot of music gets air time here.

But today I am able to combine the two: the place AND music for this artist is going to be playing at Lido soon. And that means in Kreuzberg 36, Cuvrystrasse 7 corner Schlesische Strasse.


On February 22nd at 8 PM Robert Cray, the five-time winner of Grammy Awards (with 15 nominations altogether) from Columbus, Georgia who in 2010 became part of Memphis´ Blues Hall of Fame, will be playing in Kreuzberg as part of his “Nothin But Love” Tour.

The Robert Cray Band is promoting the artist´s latest album with the same title. At 35 Euro a piece the tickets might not be the cheapest but, honestly, if anybody´s prepared to dish out 47.25 Euro for “Luca Hänni und Daniele Negroni” (don´t ask me who they are – that is exactly the point), then think about it as very well invested money.

And here is what you will be treated to:

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