Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin And Kreuzberg


My new little series on the blog will involve you a bit more.

If you’re fond of research – and who isn’t, right? alive equals curious- then this will be just the right thing for you.

So here is the first question: through which Kreuzberg doors did Bismarck walk in and out for long (especially long for him) years?


  1. berlioz1935
    January 20, 2013

    Well, I feel you directed the question at me and I did not know offhand. I knew what school he went to, but dud not know exactly where the school was.

    As you say a little research is fun. Here is what I found out

    First his mother sent him to the “Plamannsche Erziehungsanstalt” (and he hated it there 1822 – 27) at Königsgrätzer Straße and then he went to the Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasium in Friedrichstraße (1827 – 30). Both locations are in what is now called Kreuzberg.

    Additionally he worked as an articled clerk at the Kammergericht (1835 – 36). I assume that was in Lindenstrasse at the time.

    I hope this answers your little quiz if he indeed used the doors at those places.🙂

    • notmsparker
      January 20, 2013

      This is absolutely right:) I did direct the question at anyone willing to try and answer it but intuition told it might be you getting back to me first.
      Coincidentally, I passed the said house in Königgratzer Strasse (Stresemannstrasse) three days ago and noticed the plaque hanging there. It took my 5 years to do so but as they say: better late than never:) A text about Plamann´sche coming.


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