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At Passionskirche in Marheinekeplatz a group of 117 children – mostly from the 83rd Volksschule (in Dieffenbachstrasse, Kreuzberg) is christened during a group ceremony.

Their fathers are all members of SA –  short for Sturm Abteilung, the paramilitary and extremely violent organisation within the Nazi party also known as the Brown Shirts. They were infamous for the terror they spread and their methods of intimidation. Most of the members of SA troops were ex-soldiers and/or just plain roughnecks enjoying the spirit of aggressive camaraderie and appreciating any excuse for beating a hell out of someone.

The fathers of the christened children had themselves recently joined the church as was expected of them then. By doing so their swore to spread the Word of The Lord and to live in Christian spirit. Unfortunately, soon they discovered Lord´s Word was not exactly in line with that of their Führer. They chose to go for the latter.

Unable to find any mention of that event in the available newspapers of that period, I would like to quote a short article published in the Vossische Zeitung on September 22nd, 1933:

 “Amen” and “Halleluja”

The Press Office of the Protestant Church in Königsberg, East Prussia informs: “Going to great pains to make the liturgy of the Protestant Church service more German, it has been proposed to replace the Hebrew expressions such as Amen and Halleluja with German ones as well.

Instead of the word Amen, Das walte Gott has been put forward. For Halleluja, Lobe den Herrn could be an option.

The desired germanisation of the church parlance will answer the wish of broad circles of the members of German Protestant Church.


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