Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


This photo has not been made in Kreuzberg – I had things to do outside of my usual hunting grounds and headed for Schöneberg yesterday.

Right behind KaDeWe, in Marburger Strasse, I found some fascinating objects in a shop window. Some collector or the collector´s heirs are selling a giant and intricately carved antique birdcage, a model ship (approximate length: 1.5 m), four or five massive pieces of green stone whose name I cannot for the life of me remember, a set of 80-100 individual shark teeth (330 Euros and they are yours to enjoy), a huge South-Seas shell not unlike the one in which Disney´s underwater characters usually dwell (480 Euros) and plenty of other surprising things.

I took many photos of this Little Curiosity Shop (which is not an antique shop – it actually sells clothing for the particularly tall clients) but with this one I am pretty happy. It has what I like in pictures: it´s square, it´s monochrome and has sharply defined lines. Not to mention the birdcage.

Berlin, Magdeburger Strasse (photo: NotMsParker)


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