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Nico 1986 and 201o, Buenos Aires (photo: Irina Werning)

Nothing is as moving, as gently melancholic and feels as real to me as looking at pictures of people taken at different stages of their lives. To see how they have changed, how their faces and their bodies gained new dimensions is a fascinating privilege.

While looking for Feist´s song for this series (I cannot believe she has not been featured here before!) I found a video which for such a time-voyeur´s like myself is the ultimate pleasure.

Irina Werning, an Argentinian photographer, created a series of images presenting people at two different moments in their lives with the second image being a copy of the first one as far as the setting and the props go. It is called Back to The Future. A three-year-old girl holding a little purse is going to be a forty-year-old woman wearing the same outfit and holding the little purse the same way she did 37 years earlier.

I cannot even begin to tell you how deeply moved by those images I still am. And the fact that Feist chose them for her video clip for a beautiful tune called Bittersweet Melodies, makes it almost unbearably painful and elating at once.

Bill Bryson in The Lost Continent, his extremely funny but never shallow book about the journey across the US in search of the America of his childhood, said: “You can´t beat the phone company, you can´t make the waiter see you until he´s ready to see you, and you can´t go home again.” Because that was somebody else who used to live there. And that person is no longer you.

To hear the song and see the video please click the link and scroll down the page. No video for embedding was available.


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