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I had to go all the way to the UK (or is it South Africa? one can never be sure where the servers sit) to find a guy who is clearly very much Berlin-based. But to find him I needed The Graphic Side of Life first.

I saw pictures of his works before but never in such abundance and without following the lead. A couple of days ago the images of his tremendous creations popped up on my Blog Reader screen. And this time I want to have them posted here as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bartek Elsner and his Wonderful World of Cardboard Paper. You can see more of his work – and the man is pretty versatile – on one of his pages: the Paperblog or his professional web page.

And I for once would not be surprised if the man lived in Kreuzberg. He seems to be wonderfully mad enough:)

Internet EX30

Poisonous Plant

CCTV Camera

Mini Ghetto-blaster

In the Mix

In Case of Emergency Kit



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