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To me England has always meant green fields, mansion houses and flower-filled meadows. In some way it still does. What John Bulmer´s images present could not be any further from that idyllic and naive picture many people like me carry around in their heads.

But this is also England. Perhaps even more than anything mentioned above. Looking at those images actually makes me glad I grew up in high-rises the 1970s Poland. For the first time ever.

More images can been seen here. Additional pictures are also on the internet page of The Guardian.

Manchester 1977

Nelson, Lancashire, 1960

Leeds 1965

One comment on “THIS IS ENGLAND

  1. foinaven
    October 14, 2012

    Good point. I remember seeing Newcastle in the early 1970s, when parts of the centre were derelict, and similar in nature to some of what you’ve shown above.

    Glad to say that things have changed for the better in many areas. Good photos though, very evocative.


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