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TODAY IN KREUZBERG: SEPTEMBER 14th – Reichenberger Strasse


Strasse Nr. 52, Abt. I des Bebauungsplanes (otherwise known as Hobrecht Plan of 1862) is given its name: Reichenberger Strasse.

The future Reichenberger Strasse on Hobrecht´s urban plan for Berlin, 1862

The western end of the street is actually an extension of Ritterstrasse (or rather used to be one). The proof for it is all there: you will find it, for some quite unexpectedly, behind Kottbusser Damm where Reichenberger Strasse cuts through the roundabout diagonally and continues behind between Skalitzer und Dresdener Strasse up to Erkelenzdamm (Elisabeth-Ufer before), which is the official border between the punkish and naughty SO36 and SW 61 (as some would have it, Kreuzberg for the fashion-conscious ex-punks with kids).

In the east Reichenberger Strasse ends abruptly right before Landwehrkanal. Officially it mouths at Görlitzer Ufer.

The corner of Reichenberger and today´s Ohlauer Strasse with Görlitzer Bahnhof in the background

U-Bahn Station Reichenberger Strasse – actually the old Kottbusser Damm Station

The name of the street commemorates another glorious chapter in Prussian military history – the charge of Reichenberg (today Liberec in the Czech) during the Seven Years´ War in April 1757.

The pharmacy on the corner of Reichenberger Strasse 110 and Liegnitzer Strasse is one of the few Berlin pharmacies open non stop since the day one. The “Reichenberger Apotheke” opened as “Scheffens Apotheke” almost as soon as the house was ready in 1888 and in 1896 was re-named “Schlesische Apotheke”. Its current name came with a new owner in 1971 and remains its monicker until today. Inside the shop you will find the original pharmacy shelves and counters behind which stand always friendly 21st century pharmacists. And on the net you will find a very modern looking internet page.

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  1. s59berlin
    Sep 20, 2013

    Great article, as always! On tiny error slipped in: U-Bahn Station Reichenberger Strasse is nowadays known as Kottbusser Tor, not Kottbusser Damm. Kottbusser Damm is the old name of today’s station Schönleinstraße… 🙂

    • notmsparker
      Sep 20, 2013

      Absolutely right! Seems i got lost somewhere among those “dämmen”, “toren” and “strassen” in more than one sense;-) thank you, dear onnola and Grüße nach S59!

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