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Hell, I´ll take the whole Betty Davis please!

The previous post about The Smiths and The Sleuth and the mention of All About Eve in it made me think of Betty Davis again. So I duly moved on to find her on YouTube.

The interview I found not only assured me that she was a stunning lady, a real diva and a great personality but it also showed me once again that women in Hollywood could once speak without sounding like pimply fifteen-year-olds, making Bambi-eyes at the audience and pretending they could not put their feet on the ground without the toes immediately trying to meet each other in the middle (as an expression of their girlie innocence and helplessnesses even at the age of 47, thank you).

When I grow old, which I am sure shall be sooner than I could wish for, I want to be like Betty Davis. Including the beret.

2 comments on “BETTY DAVIS EYES?

  1. whatisitwithyourshoes
    October 4, 2012

    I love the smoking 🙂

    • notmsparker
      October 5, 2012

      Me too. When done with so much style and gusto, it´s almost Art itself:)


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