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It is not hard to guess where the cemetery walls´ irresistible allure comes from. Ask any invisible street artist – and I dare say anyone who paints anything with a message in it on any given wall has every right to call themselves an artist – and they will probably tell you the following: the wall is there, go get.

The cemeteries between Mehringdamm, Baruther-, Zossener- and Blücherstrasse known as Friedhöfe vor dem Halleschen Tor and consisting of four cemeteries altogether are in 75% surrounded by partly plastered brick walls. The remaining 25% are the 1970s´ wall fencing on the side of Blücherstrasse, built when the original cemeteries were reduced by 5,500 m² to make space for the new Blücherstrasse connecting the crossing Zossener/Blücher with the junction of Mehringdamm/Obentrautstrasse. The re-structuring of the area began in 1968 and lasted till 1972. Before that Blücherstrasse reached Blücherplatz and Hallesches Tor, running along what is today the pavement leading towards the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, the American Memorial Library, and part of the small park on  its right side.

The original course of Blücherstrasse in 1934

Rough, uneven and fancy, the cemetary wall in Blücherstrasse was not made for Art – and it ain´t Art itself either.

But luckily the street artists – often in very lucky co-operation with Time and Nature – are turning the remaining walls into small works of art. And in the hazy autumn light their beauty is irresistible, too. Have a look:



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