Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


(photo: NotMsParker)

On one of the fantastic blogs I follow, Observing Hermann, I read something that made me laugh out loud and spit my “Feel-Good Organic Tea” (the last straws I´m grabbing at here, dear readers, to fight off the autumn melancholy) all around my desk.

Allegedly, there is a new handy list of social stereotypes for Germany and it was published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a leading national newspaper in the Land of Bier&Brezel.

Here is a link to their page – it is in German so consider it a challenge to understand. It is really worth it.

My personal favourite is the Bio-Bourgeoisie. Every time I see someone sip a 5-Euro-glass of organic red wine around a corner at the new swishy wine bar-cum-shop, I think: Mate, for 3.99 at Norma or Kaiser´s you´ll get a perfectly decent bottle of wine which – as long as it´s not made of old socks, vinegar and red crayons – is simply organic per default.


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