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I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again: everything is somewhere. My new life motto shamelessly stolen from a British crime series Luther seems to gain more and more weight every day.

For years I have been looking for something I saw on MTV – MTV before it was lifted, stretched and stuck into teenie-weenie leotard tangas – back in the dark ages or in the early 1990s. Timothy Hutton, a very good American actor and my personal object of desire once, made this video clip for the station in which he was telling a story or reciting a poem – I was no longer certain which  it was. Still, more than a decade, two university degrees, three children and a new nationality later, I could repeat it by heart even when woken up in the middle of the night.

It was a fantastic story: very crisp, very witty and so simple it hurt. I had no recording of it so it lived on only in my head, pulled out of its little drawer every time the right button was pushed (Hutton on TV, MTV clip forwarded by a friend, thinking “The boys should have a dog”).

Today, writing about the circus that came to Kreuzberg and about my perfect politically correct excuse to go there (“the children want to go to the circus”) I suddenly remembered it again. And searched the web for it. I sieved through thousands of useless pieces – my search categories were a bit vague, I believe – but have come out the other end victorious!

The series this clip was part of was called “Books: Feed Your Head!” It fed mine. For which I am still thankful. After we´ve come back from the circus, I promise to feed the boys´ heads, too. But this one, I believe, they will only be able to understand when they are a bit older.

From Donald Barthelme´s book Forty Stories. Presented by (sigh…) Timothy Hutton. On MTV.

2 comments on “BOOKS – FEED YOUR HEAD

    September 20, 2012

    Hey, I remember that! Didn’t we recite it out loud? (sigh)

    • notmsparker
      September 20, 2012

      YEAH! We did, honey:)) Good times. Just bought the book with the guy´s short stories. It´s brilliant. If you want, will post it to Brux once I´m done with it here:)


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