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At least two events dated August 26th are worth mentioning today and both took place in the first half of the 19th century.


The sandy road connecting Hallesches Tor and Hasenheide used by the soldiers walking towards the shooting stands in today´s park is named Pionierweg. In 1836 its name will be slightly re-adjusted and Pionierstrasse, about which you could already read here on June 30, will be born.

On October 31, 1864 the street will be re-named for the last time and Blücherstrasse will replace the Pionierstrasse for good.


Kunheim´sche Fabrik in Bergmannstrasse 26-38 (Weinmeisterweg before) by J.Jacobi Senior 1840-50 (photo:

Kunheim´sche Fabrik in Bergmannstrasse 26-38 (Weinmeisterweg before) by J.Jacobi Senior 1840-50 (photo:

The news spread fast in Berlin: Heinrich Kuhnheim (actually Samuel Hirsch) is dead. His chemical factory in Molkenmarkt 6, set up in 1826 together with a wealthy Berlin banker, Samuel B. Behrend – the very first business of this sort of Germany! – soon proves to be so successful that space becomes an issue.

The factory is moved to Köpenicker Strasse 30 (numbers 1-29 and 143-195 belong today to Kreuzberg while 30-141 are part of Berlin-Mitte) and will provide not only vinegar, salts and lead salts needed in dyes but also soap. The Knochenbrennerei which was built by Kuhnheim in Köpenicker Strasse as well provided both the necessary chemical compounds and an unbearable smell that permeated the area on both sides of the river Spree.

In 1835 for 12.500 Taler Heinrich Kuhnheim expands further: he buys a piece of land in Weinmeisterweg (today Bergmannstrasse 26-38) and orders both a new factory and a house for his family be built on the plot. They will stay there until the 1870´s when the whole business and the family will go to Niederschöneweide.

In return Kreuzberg got plenty of job-seeking workers living in a better smelling neighbourhood.

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