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Even if like myself you are a big fan of stay-at-home activities (which might or might not involve the so called intellectual effort) two things should still make you leave your quarters this weekend: the Bergmannstraßenfest currently running in Bergmannkiez and the 10th Open Air Gallery which will take place tomorrow from 10 AM to 10 PM at Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and its eastern twin, Friedrichshain.

Bergmannstraßenfest, or Kreuzberg jazzt! (jazz being the main dish of the weekend so all the fans out there, put your classic Wayfarer RayBans and move!) will last till Sunday evening and it is as always a mishmash of truly good music combined with the truly awful commercial merde.

If you are capable of turning a blind eye to the usual and inescapable presence of the original-hand-made-in-china-indian-ethnic jewellery, to the stands filled with healing stones offered to you in a whispering voice as not to mess with the Power of The Stones, and to those curious, spiky head-scratching devices that surely double up as a portable TV-antennae you might very much enjoy it.

Bergmannstraßenfest is by all means nothing for those suffering from enochlophobia (next to Alektorophobia or fear of chickens and Sesquipedalophobia or fear of long words – especially acute forms can be found in Germany – one of my favourite phobias). Neither is it recommendable to people not fond of the permeating smell of patchouli. But if in search of interesting or at times even excellent music, here is your next destination. Be sure to make it to Bergmannstrasse corner Nostitzstrasse (where the Theaterbühne Nostitzstrasse stands) tomorrow at around 7 PM: The Fuck Hornisschen Orchestra will be playing then. They not only have an interesting name (Hornisschen are hornets in German; the rest is, I believe, crystal clear). They can play and sing, too. Here´s the foretaste.

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