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U7 Gneisenaustrasse 1924 (from:

Another stretch of the U7 tube line between Möckernstrasse and Fehrberlinner Platz is opened. It runs the length of 5,3 km and its trains will also stop at the following stations: Yorckstraße, Kleistpark, Eisenacher Straße, Bayerischer Platz, Berliner Straße und Blissestrasse.

Contrary to what one (one such as myself, for example) could think, U7 is not one of those ancient Berlin underground lines. Until 1963 (!) it was still the south-eastern branch of the U6 line (originally Nord-Süd Bahn) and connected Belle-Alliance-Strasse (today Mehringdamm Station) with Grenzallee in Neukölln.

After separating it from U6 it was gradually extended at both ends until it reached its today´s magnificent size of 31.8 km. By the way, our lovely Gneisenaustrasse Station was introduced to the world on April, 14th 1924. In December the same year U7 stop called Hasenheide (today Südstern) began its service to the commuting nation. One look at the two (Südstern before the renovation and Gneisenaustrasse sadly still) and you´ll know: those were not good times for investments. With inflation raging like German housewives during department store winter sales, little could be offered in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, as long as I don´t have to jump into a passing train for the lack of a platform, I´m fine with the current “Bauhaus” edition.

U7 – The Mother of All Berlin UBahn Lines. Perhaps not the oldest but definitely the biggest.


  1. berlioz1935
    Jan 31, 2012

    Your love for the Kreuzberg Kiez comes through again through your application to your blog.

    When I was a boy Südstern was called “Garde Pionier Platz”.

    Here, you find the street names that have changed. Perhaps you have that site already.

    I”m writing a German blog too, mostly memories from a childhood, but you can find that Kreuzberg is getting some mentions too.

    • berlioz1935
      Jan 31, 2012

      Sorry I forgot to give you the address for the German blog

      My English blog you find here

      • notmsparker
        Feb 1, 2012

        I am very impressed with both of them! Tremendously interesting writing. By the way, is the photo in the header for pethan35´s blog of the tram in Lissabon?

        • berlioz1935
          Feb 2, 2012

          Yes, you are right. But I’m not putting those pictures up.

    • notmsparker
      Feb 1, 2012

      Thank you for the link – I, indeed, have such lists already but it is always a great thing to find more. Some streets changed their names more than once (look at Stresemannstrasse:) and not every list registers all of the previous names.

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