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During one of my numerous pre-Christmas trips to Friedrichstrasse (where Kreuzberg ends and Mitte begins), I got off at U-Bahnhof Stadtmitte (a tube station for the lines U6 and U2) with a camera ready to shoot. And right there it was: the steps with a message. The first word to hit my retina was fertility so I knew it had to be good. But then it got even better when the very strict-looking lady appeared on top of the stairs like a fervent Calvinist ready to preach to anyone even mildly interested in any sort of procreation, the assisted one in particular. I do not know what her position on endometriosis or hormonal diagnostics could be but I dare say not very enthusiastic either.

Judgemental me:)


  1. berlioz1935
    Jan 6, 2012

    Why do you make such a fuss about the word ‘fertility’?

    I think you are thinking about sex and you start giggling like a little girl when seeing the word ‘fertility’.

    How many Calvinistic looking people do you see in Berlin, never mind in Stadtmitte?

    Even Calvinist pray for fertility. They have to eat and they want to have children.

    • notmsparker
      Jan 6, 2012

      I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings in any way, however, I´m afraid you are very much misinterpreting my text. It is not the word fertility or procreation as such that I found so amusing here but a. the fact that the public stairs are used for medical advertising, b. the medical services being advertised are in the field related to fertility, c. the lady I accidentally captured on top of the aforementioned steps reminds me strongly of some hidebound and moralizing fictional book or film characters whose attitude towards fertility, procreation or sex is very much fussy and false.

      Also, at no point was it my intention to offend any Calvinists or any other group – like every author I take the liberty of mocking or questioning, without assuming or telling anyone that what I am saying is right per default. Therefore your comment is very much welcome. Although, I must admit I would have welcomed it even more if you had avoided the unnecessarily unfriendly or to be absolutely honest quite offensive line two – I am much too old to even try “giggling like a little girl” without people asking: “You sure you´re all right, dear?” and offering me a biscuit.

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