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This photo was taken four days ago at 8.12 AM, when the first frost was to be seen in the morning. Our heating has been on since then although we are trying to be reasonable and curb my enthusiasm in the house heating department. Last year the latter cost as ple-e-e-enty of Euros extra. But try as I might, I couldn´t come up with a better idea for keeping two small babies warm with temperatures creeping stealthily down to -17 degrees Celsius. You cannot keep swaddling them and wrapping in woolly things forever – in the end they tend to look trussed like miniature mummies or like environmentally-friendly hostages of Greenpeace. On the other hand, if we keep pumping heat into our flat at that rate Greenpeace might indeed get keen on trussing us up a bit and storing in a (oh, horror… unheated!) basement.

So this image I am presenting, as innocent and soft as it might be upon the first look, foretells a much darker future: the gentle humming of the radiators shall next fiscal year turn into a roar. As symbolized by the two evil looking glass containers in the bottom right corner.

8:12 am in Schleiermacherstrasse: the piranha-like glass containers begin their daily prowl

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