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Dear All,

how many punk rock groups or ska bands from Turkey do you know? Exactly. Until today I knew of none and that despite living in the middle of the city with almost 25% inhabitants of an immigrant hue (says BZ). 21.4% of those 24.3% (you are kindly required to do your own maths as my head is still spinning from all that newly gained knowledge about wooden jet fighters) carry a Turkish passport and 9.4%, to which group yours truly also happens to belong, carry a Polish one. So considering that in Kreuzberg your friends and neighbours are more than likely to come from the land of döner, Istambul and Bizantium, it is good to learn more about their culture.

Your opportunity to do so is knocking on SO36´s (for those who don´t know it, it´s a Mother of All Kreuzberg Clubs in Oranienstrasse) door at 9 PM. An investment of 25 Euros (or 18.50 if you are lucky and studying) is going to open that door for you and let you see (and hear) that punk rock and ska are like delicious döner – omnipresent and international.

The fact that the band are a pair of twins, Gökhan aund Hakan Özoğuz, makes me quietly plan my duo´s future. And with their older brother to boot they could start proper, sadly the name´s already taken: Madness:)

Here a little pre-taste for the evening. Know the tune?


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