Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin And Kreuzberg


Yorckstraße, Ecke Belle-Alliancestraße

Kreuzberg Tempelhofer Vorstadt: view from Mehringdamm towards Yorckstrasse and St. Bonifatius Church (gorgeous red-brick facade with 75-metre-high towers, built in 1907).

All the houses seen on this postcard are still standing apart from the house second to the right of the temple.

Even the public toilets (pissoirs) in the middle of Yorckstrasse – here still in the shape of beautiful cast iron pavilions called “Cafe Achteck” (Cafe Octagon) and named so because of their characteristic shape – are present until today. The bad news is that they are no longer cast iron, sit underground and are not even half as pretty as the original toilets. The good news being, however, that they are relatively clean (only because they´ve been closed for years now) and they are for sale:-)

So if you have a business idea that requires great and unexpected location as well as a bit of retreat from the hustle and bustle of The Street, you might have found your place.

Applications can be sent or submitted in person at Rathaus Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg 50 metres down the road.


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